AJ Day

For AJ Day, photography is more than just snapping the shutter and producing an image. It is about taking each photographic opportunity to find a way to connect his creativity with the subject, in hopes of producing an image that is unlike anything he has captured before. He believes that originality, creativity and artistry are the driving forces of consistently capturing unique, yet breathtakingly gorgeous photographs.

Finding his artistic inspiration in everyday life, Day is a self-taught photographer who has developed an unexplainable love for the medium. After attending Valdosta State University and obtaining a degree in Business Management, AJ was encouraged by his late father to pursue his dream of making photography a career.  

 In 2013 he opened a spacious studio in Braselton, GA, which served as the catalyst of making his desire a daily reality.  To date, AJ has photographed many elite public figures, reputable actors, models and musicians, and has also collaborated with multiple high profile companies such as AT&T, ESPN, Greenwood Productions, Holt Miami & Tony Bowls.

 Although AJ has had much success in a short amount of time, he is looking forward to further impacting the world of photography by portraying individuals in their best light and remembering the words of his father, “AJ follow what you love to do.”

Day resides in Georgia, but spends most of his free time traveling and experiencing life beyond the four walls of his studio.